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  • What do I need to make an order?

    You will need your eyes prescription and pupillary distance (PD). As soon as you make the order you can upload a photo of your prescription or if you know it already just send the details to [email protected]. Your PD is the distance in millimeters between your pupils, and it helps us center your prescription correctly in your frames. As soon you have the your PD just send it to us (you can add it on your prescription or send it to [email protected]).

  • What if I need to change my order?

    We process the orders really fast but we will do our best to include any changes. The best way to modify or cancel an order is calling us to +34 912 98 93 98 , Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm.

  • What´s the status of my order?

    As soon as we ship your order, you will receive an email with a Track & Trace code, so that you can keep watch on the progress of your new frames.

  • How can I buy more than one product with different prescriptions?

    In this case please make separate orders for each different prescription. Shipment is always free of charges, so you won’t be charged extra for making different orders.

  • Do you want to purchase large quantities?

    To buy Miller & Marc gift cards or our products in quantities bigger than 10 units you have to send us an email to [email protected]. It’s a pleasure to help you!

  • Do you offer free eye tests?

    Yes. Schedule an appointment here.

  • Can I make an order if my prescription is really high? And what about astigmatism?

    Yes! We offer lenses for prescriptions with sphere (SPH) value up to -8.00 / +6.00 or with cylinder value (CYL) up to ±3.00. For stronger prescriptions we offer special lenses made for you. Let us know us so we can give you a fair price.

    We make multifocal lenses with a maximum sphere of -8.50 to +8.00 and a cylinder of -3.00 to +3.00.

    We use high-index lenses for prescriptions stronger than 3.25 dioptre (cylinder and sphere added together). These lenses are thinner and won’t deform the size of your eyes as the standard lenses do with this prescription. We don’t charge any additional cost for this option, and we will use the same lenses for both eyes.

    You can reach us at +34 912 98 93 98 Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm.

  • How do I get my prescription?

    There are three ways you can get a prescription:

    • Book here your appointment to get your Free Eye Exam in our stores.
    • If you got a prescription recently you can ask for it in the place you got tested.
    • Make an appointment with your local optometrist.

    If you order online, you will be able to upload your prescription or send it to us later by email [email protected].

  • What are the differences between single-vision and progressive lenses?
    • Single-vision: lenses that correct either a distant or near distance.
    • Progressives: these lenses correct both nearsightedness or farsightedness at the same time, so you don’t need to constantly change between two pair of glasses.
  • What is the pupillary distance (PD) and how can I get it?

    Your PD is the distance in millimetres between your pupils and it helps us center your prescription correctly in your frames. If you are not taking an eye exam with us and your doctor did not include this measurement with your prescription you can do it by yourself using a ruler and a mirror or the help of a friend.

    For you to have an idea, values go between 57-62 mm for women and 59-65 mm for men.

  • How do I submit my prescription?

    Once you’re ready to checkout, you will be asked to upload a picture of your prescription and your pupillary distance (PD). You can take a photo with your smartphone or scan it. Or if you don’t have a prescription but you know the details you can send them to [email protected].

  • Do you offer reading glasses?

    YES! You can order yours by selecting at the bottom 'Reading Glasses' on the prescription section during the checkout process and you can select the + (positive) addition of your prescription. In this particular case you don’t need to send us a photo or scan your prescription, and we don’t need cylinder or axis value.

  • What kind of lens do you offer?


    Thin and light organic lenses included with the purchase of our frames from 94€.

    • Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating included.
    • Prescription lenses included with a sphere (SPH) up to -8.0 or +6 and a cylinder up to -3.0.

    Prescription sun lenses, with an additional cost of 30€.

    • Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating included.
    • Prescription lenses included with a sphere (SPH) up to -8.0 or +6 and a cylinder up to -3.0.


    We offer a flat rate of 229€ for our progressive eyeglasses and sunglasses, all included:

    • Any frame of our collection.
    • Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating included.
    • Prescription lenses included with a sphere (SPH) up to -8.0 or +6 and a cylinder up to -3.0.


    • 100% protección UV.
    • Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating included.
  • Where can I find the measures for my frames?

    In every product page, under "Measures" you will see three different numbers, from left to right: the lens width, the bridge's width and the temple arms lenght (all in millimeters).

    Most of the brands, as Miller & Marc, print the measures on the inside of the temple arms. If you have a pair that suits you, you can compare the measures with ours to imagine how they would be.

    If once you receive your glasses, your frames don't fit you properly, you can go to any optical store to have them adapted to you.

  • Where can I adapt my frames?

    Our frames are made of cellulose acetate, a malleable material that allows you to adapt the temples without risk of scratches. Anyway, most optical shops will adjust your frames for free or at a low price.

  • When will I receive my purchase?

    Shipping time depends on the kind of purchase and status ( for example: if there's any data missing.) These are the estimated timings:

    Kind of purchase
    Shipping time
    Single-vision glasses:
    5-7 business days
    Progressive lens:
    7-8 business days
    Non prescription :
    24-48 hours
    24-48 hours
  • What are the shipping costs?

    The shipping fee for any country inside the UE is 14€. To make your purchases in Germany, please visit our German store.

    The shipping costs are 3€ for Spain Peninsula.

    If you want to place an order from outside de EU, please send us an email at [email protected].

  • What is your return policy?

    We offer to exchange or allow you to return your order without any explanation during 30 days on sunglasses, prescription glasses, progressive glasses and contact lenses.

    We also offer an adaptation guarantee of 3 months on our progressive glasses. During this period you can exchange or return a product free of charge.

    * For glasses with customized lenses, we offer a free exchange or return policy on the frames. We consider lenses with extreme graduations that are manufactured specially for the customer as customized lenses. In these cases, we offer to change your lenses free of charge during the first 30 days for monofocal lenses, and during the first 3 months for progressive lenses.

    Any of our glasses also come with a 2 year guarantee that covers any factory defect. We cannot cover damage or break due to an accident, but your frames and lenses will be protected against any kind of manufacturing defect.

    Purchases made with gift cards are non-refundable.

  • How can I ask for a return?

    Call us +34 912 98 93 98 M-F, 10am - 7pm, or email us at [email protected] to start the change or return process. We would like to know your opinion!

  • What happens if I'm not satisfied with the adjustment of my frames?

    Our aim is for you to adore your frames, so if they're not comfortable for you... Just let us know! We only have one size for each frame, however we will be happy to recommend you different options that might fit you better. You can also adjust your frames by yourself: remember that all of your frames are made out of malleable cellulose acetate, so you can make any adjustment to the temples without the risk of scratches.

  • What can I do if I’m having trouble with my prescription?

    Some time you just need a couple of days so your eyes adapt to the new prescriptions, but if after a week you're still having problems, just call us at +34 912 98 93 98 M-F, 10am - 7pm. We will help you find a solution and manufacture your glasses again with the correct prescription.

  • How can I change my lenses?

    We can't replace lenses from other frames, but we will be happy to put new lenses into your Miller & Marc glasses.

    Single vision or single vision lenses with an index of 1.5
    Single vision or single vision lenses with index 1.6
    Single vision or single vision lenses with an index of 1.67
    Single vision or single vision lenses with an index of 1.74
    Non prescription sunglasses
    Single vision or single vision sunglasses with index 1.5
    Single vision or single vision sunglasses with index 1.6
    Single vision or single vision sunglasses with an index of 1.67
    Single vision or single vision sunglasses with an index of 1.74
    1.5 index progressive lenses
    1.6 index progressive lenses
    1.67 index progressive lenses
    1.74 index progressive lenses